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Joshua Earle

These days I am not sure if my progress is moving forward, backwards or if I am just treading water. The Anemia does not seem to be improving much more in the last week and the pain in my chest (in the location of the tumor occupying the portal vein) is recurring more regularly over the past three weeks. I don't know if that is the tumor growing and exerting more pressure on that area around the liver or as the "eternal optimist" in me would like to believe, it is the tumor shrinking!

The recent week in hospital certainly was a yet another setback on this journey. Two weeks ago some swelling of the lower legs and feet (edema) occurred, along with some pain in my skull. These are signs of liver disfunction, although in the last week these symptoms have reduced. Due to recently found Anemia I feel very weak, as if I am running on empty, which means I am less able to travel and have to limit my daily activities.