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My good friend Nigel suggested that I try to follow the Zhan Zhuang "Standing Still" exercise program. Given that the two absceses in my gut are still limiting the scope of my movement, it seemed like a good idea. After trying it for 7 days I am happy to have an exercise program that at the very least, I can do without worry of causing more damage to my delicate digestive system.

At first it seems like a strange concept, that one can exercise whilst standing still. After all we are taught from primary school onwards that we need to jump, run and generally exhaust ourselves in order to become fit. Zhan Zhuang flies in the face of that conditioning and has been practised by the Chinese for hundreds of years for health and well being.

Anyway after 7 days of exercising along with the you tube video series, it may well be too early to comment, yet I feel very good doing the exercises and thankful to Nigel for the intro. More later......