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5 months since surgery and I would say the recovery, albeit like a slow moving cloud, is now showing silver light around the edges. The two abscesses in my gut are still giving discomfort, sometimes painful and there remains a lot of gas, but apart from that I can say the progress is on the up and up.

My outlook is quite positive I am thinking about holiday plans for 2016 and even feeling ambitious enough to consider a trip to Australia in September!

Back on planet earth here in Amsterdam I started a beginners Chinese language course last week, that is one evening per week for two hours + homework x 18 lessons with the Chinese College Netherlands. Talk about ambitious! Anyway I completed the first lesson and I am looking forward to learn and speak Chinese in the not too distant future. Long term goals are important, they help to affirm my belief that I will be here to enjoy nice things in the many years ahead.

Exercise is important too, I am very happy with the Zhan Zhuang program, which I have built up over the past month, now able to do all five “standing still like a tree” positions together (5 mins each position = 25mins). I start to feel some strength returning in my body (remarkable) and have also resumed light forward arm lifts with my 5kg dumbells. (impressive)

Weekly shiatsu and acupuncture sessions are also helping to bring balance to my systems, currently I am alternating one session per week of either shiatsu or acupuncture, this fits well with the rest of my "quest for health" regime.

The macrobiotic diet also feels good, apart from being incredibly healthy it really seems to be the most friendly cuisine for my delicate digestive system. I have taken a couple of cooking lessons to get the show on the road and now we even have delicious apple pies and cookies (no eggs, dairy or sugar) happening in the kitchen. Fortunately there is a very good macrobiotic shop/restaurant/cooking lessons at Deshima in Amsterdam, just a 10 minute tram ride away from home.

Workwise I am easing into work again, making sure I don’t take on too much and keep a nice balance of work, rest and play. I managed to republish my site about the 12 Chinese Signs before the new year, a nice resource for those who want to figure out why we do the way we do. You can see it here at