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Last week I had quite a lot of aches and pains every day from the abscesses in the guts, this week has been free of discomfort, I really have run out of explanations for why this comes and goes as it does. The air in my small intestines reduced a lot since I stopped eating qwark every day, so excess air does not seem to be the cause of abscess pain. Anyway today I had a remarkable and very meaningful healing session with Caspar and Nicole (from


It turned out to be quite a powerful session, which I could have expected with two healers working on me at the same time. I found the experience to be very special with lots of different sensations in the body accompanied by a beautiful, internal lightshow, afterwards I felt so soothed with a lightness in the body, as you would expect when someone takes a heavy load off your back. We shall see how this session unfolds over the next few days, it could be more than interesting!

I am ambitiously planning a trip to Australia in September, to catch up with my dear brother Stu and attend a five day event at Amaroo with my dear friend Prem Rawat. Hopefully we will also have time to visit Sydney (never been there on previous trips to Oz). Interestingly enough, Stu had 60% of his liver removed when they took out a cancer tumour in January last year. He seems to have recovered nicely and is racing around Brisbane on his bike, dancing doing yoga, pilates and enjoying his life in Brizzie. Is that not spooky that we both had liver cancer & surgery in the same year? Maybe that is a nice idea for the psycologists to play with, ha ha.

For me to even think that I could make a trip down under this year is yet another positive message that I intend to make a full recovery from the surgery (now six months since the op) and more importantly become and stay cancer free. After today’s healing session I feel even more confident that this will happen, so just need to stay on track with my daily regime.

Next month Jenny and I intend to make a four day trip to see family in the UK, so that will also be a nice indicator about how fit I am (or not) to travel. The difficult part will probably be the food aspect, as it is not easy to keep to a macrobiotic diet going whilst travelling and staying in a hotel. Anyway I am looking forward to see family & friends there, so it will be fun.

Overall, progress is good! Oh, btw that's not Jenny and I swimming in the heavenly ocean, (I wish) just a nice pic from Dan Gold at, which looks a bit like some of today's lightshow!