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On Wednesday March 16th I had a consult with Wieke Nelissen, who is the big cheese of the Kushi Institute (macrobiotics) in Amsterdam. After checking my history laid out in the intake in form, she proceeded for an hour and half to take me through a 28 page document that contains a comprehensive overview of food selection and combinations, preparation, cooking methods and instructions. 

In doing so her vast experience gained over the past 40 yrs was clear to see as she carefully pointed out and added handwritten notes about how many times per week for certain dishes and which ingredients I would be best to avoid.

She advised me to start with a month of strictly adhering to the diet,  with an aim to get me out of the cancer 'danger zone' (initial period post surgery). Finally she kindly gave me one of her 8 day menu books which is complete with ingredients and cooking instructions to help get me started. This was a very worthwhile and valuable consult, just what I need at the right time.

Surprisingly, Jenny plunged in on Weds evening, picked up the 8 day menu book and produced a lovely dinner! Last night (Friday) she enthusiastically came up with another delicious dinner from the book, which she says, makes it very easy to see how to combine and cook the ingredients. So a big success here. Myself, I am already making different breakfasts from Wieke's 8 day menu book, so I am very pleased about that. 

Yesterday I went to a one day open space meeting with the Lyme Charity team, which I managed to do from 10.00 til 17.00 and took my own food to eat. It was a milestone event for me to see where my energy levels are at. This turned out encouragingly well as I could last for the whole day without siesta, so my energy levels are improving . Today I don't feel whacked as an aftermath, which is also good news!

I also got to see how long it takes to make macrobiotic breakfast and prepare my food for the day out - hmmmm quite some time, good planning and effort obviously needs to be spent and in turn I also need the energy to do so.

All very encouraging, the next Milestone in my sight is our four day trip to the UK in April to see family and friends, once again to see how I manage everything. We will need to get creative around macrobiotic food preparation whilst staying in a hotel so we might have tot make use of my father’s new kitchen!