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As the winter temperatures hesitate to leave the Amsterdam climate, so does the abscess in my gut hang on and continue to cause varying degrees of discomfort from day to day. Otherwise after one month of the stricter macrobiotic diet, my weight has dropped a little more, now down to 60.5 kg, however my energy levels seem to be gradually improving. Yesterday I had an MRI to check for any regrowths of the tumors.

On the 25th March a milestone event in my recovery process saw Jenny and I dancing a little at the opening of the e-zine. We did not party until the early hours, rather we took it easy and stayed a couple of hours to enjoy the warm and buoyant sphere and meet some old dancing buddies. Nonetheless it was the first time we had been in a nightclub for a couple of years and I managed to do it so we see this as a positive marker on this long road to good health.

In the past few weeks my regular acupuncture sessions have sometimes reduced the abscess pain, sometimes not. A second healing session with Caspar & Nicole on the 12th April once again had a remarkable impact leaving me pain free for our UK visit and up to this weekend. Unfortunately the pain is back again today and I put that down to the disturbance of the MRI and the excitement of a thrilling FA cup semi-final between Man Utd and Everton (2-1) yesterday, anyway this coming and going of pain still remains a bit of a mystery.

Our four day family visit to the UK on the 15th April went very well. We rented a little cottage in Warwick, which enabled us to do our own cooking and me to keep to my macrobiotic diet. It was great to see my parents, who are still trucking along at 94yrs, and my dear brother Bryon and his wife Veronica. Most importantly the trip did not tire me too much so this is a very encouraging outcome regarding my my recovery.

Locally we could just about get the basic organic foodstuffs but the available selection was very limited, evidently this is due to the lack of demand by health conscious UK consumers. That makes us appreciate how easy it is to get a good organic food supply in Amsterdam with its amount of specialised shops and even a whole Saturday market offering fresh organic produce.

Jenny has taken to macrobiotic cooking, enjoying the challenge of creating tasty well balanced dishes. Indeed I am a lucky guy to have such a lovely wife! She even packed our pressure cooker and rice cooker for the trip to the UK and that made things much easier in the cottage kitchen.

Back to Amsterdam and I will continue longer on the “customised by Wieke” macrobiotic diet, once I understand how cancer works it just makes sense why such a diet has enabled others to get out of the “danger zone” and bring good health.

Yesterday’s early morning visit to the local hospital for the MRI scan turned out to be yet another little drama in the catalogue documented here in this blog of misdiagnosis’, mistakes and mishaps. When common sense prevails one would expect that if they are going to the expense of giving me an MRI then it is reasonable to assume that would scan both my liver and intestinal area, as that is where the two tumors resided before my surgery. Also because the duodenum tumor burst into the small intestinal area last August, one would expect that to be on the MRI target area.

You can imagine my reaction when I asked the medical staff what they were going to scan, and they replied: “we were instructed to scan the liver, not the intestinal area”. Fortunately, after explaining my medical history and how stupid it was to not cover both areas, they concurred and told me afterwards that they had indeed taken a larger imagery which the radiologist would look at carefully in addition to the liver area. Phew! it once again shows that I have to be “on the ball” and alert to all that is being done or not and do not assume that people wearing white coats always know best or what they are doing.

My follow up appointment to get the results of this MRI is on 2nd May, I feel confident that there will be no nasty results, anyway let’s hope that is true!