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Jenny and I went to the local hospital on Monday 2nd May to get the results of the MRI. Unfortunately the MRI images are not looking good. This MRI was primarily focused on the liver, which is showing what looks like two small (1cm) tumors in section 6/7 area of the liver, next to the section where the previous liver tumor was removed. Pfffff!

The Radiologist did not report on the intestinal area, so this still needs to be checked and I have to go to an appointment in a  different dept for that. In the meantime they will request the sample that was removed from my liver in Leuven last September and recheck the surrounding liver tissue in the Pathology lab here in Amsterdam. Following that they will make a proposal how to deal with this new tumor growth, which, as it is in the section 6/7 of the liver, can probably be removed either by normal or keyhole surgery. Now it is a waiting game once more, ah well what to do... stay calm and wait for the facts from the new pathology investigation which may take two or three weeks.

Next to this I will get an appointment to control the small intestine area, probably a CT scan. Also they advise me to do a colonoscopy to check the colon / large intestine, this could take a few weeks due to the hospital's waiting list. I am now told there is a 3 month protocol to check patients who have had my type of surgery, what a shame thet they don't keep to their own protocols, considering it is 7 months since last September.

I must admit that this news has taken the wind out of my sails, so I need to pick myself up again!