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martin sattler780

Here we are again on the decision making podium of life, having discovered two small tumors in my liver, the question is what to do about them. On thursday morning this week we found ourselves in the all too familiar setting of my prof. surgeon's office, where he presented two options that were on offer. One is to open me up and cut away a section of my liver (again) or use Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) to burn the tumors.

I already knew that these options were all he could/would offer, however I was having serious doubts about my fitness to undergo another major surgery as I feel like I am only just beginning to recover from my whipple surgery last september. He felt I could already withstand the surgery although the recovery would probably be much longer. He then suggested that burning the tumors with RFA might be a better option, as these tumors appeared quite fast since the surgery in september and my liver seems to "like to make tumors at this time".

RFA is rated, tumor removal wise, as being 85% effective which is less effective than surgery, however it is usually performed in a day clinic with a short stay in hospital (so long as there are no post treatment complications) and the recovery is normally just a few days. Clearly this recovery etc sounded much better to my ears than the daunting effect from major surgery.

There is a third option, which is to do nothing and give more time to my macrobiotic diet program and allow the natural healing process to take care of it. Given the short time in which these two tumors have appeared since my last surgery, this might be an unwise choice. If I choose to burn, that should buy more time for the healing benefits of macrobiotics to take place and for me to gain more strength. Plus I should be able to continue with my upcoming travels and our holiday plans for family visiting from China.

RFA seems to be the best choice.