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Early this morning, prior to starting the RFA treatment, the radiologist performed an ultra sound to check the location & condition of the two growths (assumed to be tumors) to be fried. He did not like what he saw on the ultra sound so he proceeded to do a CT scan to investigate further in more detail. Unfortunately this investigation revealed extremely fast growth in the two previously identified growths and now a third obstruction in a portal vein tributary. Along with other bad news, this really starts to feel like a BNW = Bad News Week!!

In fact the radiologist saw what he thinks is a thrombosis, or it could be a blood clot or/with a tumor behind it, has occurred in a tributary of the portal vein on the left side of the liver. The two tumors (assumed to be, but no biopsy has been done yet) on the right side of the liver have expanded to 4cm and 3cm, which is extremely fast growth as on 2nd May they were only 1cm each. The appearance of the third item in the portal vein tributary made him decide to abort the treatment, because RFA would not be the right way to proceed when there is a thrombosis present. He will represent my case to the specialist cancer team (arranged already for Monday 4th July). Next Monday afternoon we will know the outcome of this meeting by phone, hopefully the next step should be clear.

Time to be strong, keep my sense of humor and wait for their best suggestion. Of course it is disturbing for Jenny and I as we were pinning our hopes on a successful RFA treatment which could be a cure, but now the rapid growth factor is a big concern and gives a sense of urgency once more. Initial discussions this morning suggested that if surgery is not an option (likely no option due to the location of the new item), then the options that will be offered on monday will probably have to address the thrombosis first, anyway we have to wait and see what the options are.....