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According to the AMC cancer team, I was told today that I now have three extremely fast growing tumors, which is not normal at all. Two are in the right lobe of the liver (3cm & 4cm), the newly appearing third (7cm) in the left lobe that has occupied the whole of the left tributary of the portal vein. The fast appearance of the third tumor and the extent of the tumors makes any treatment by surgery, liver transplant or burning with RFA no longer viable options from this medical team. The only option they can offer is targeted chemo treatment with the Soranfib drug which is at best, a tumor inhibitor that can stop or slow down the growth.

I have an appointment with the oncologist who specialises in this Soranfib drug treatment next monday 11th July at 4pm.

Thursday 7th July

The shock of this news has settled down now and although it does not look good, there is still hope, which remains one of my most powerful friends on this journey and I am firmly holding on to his hand! The speed of tumor growth is scary and apparantly not normal (the two in the right lobe of the liver were only 1cm on MRI taken 2nd May, the third not showing), so this does give me a sense of urgency and I don't want that to turn into panic or premature grief. That is a challenge in itself both for me, Jenny, family and close friends. Tough news to swallow for all of us concerned, that is for sure.

I actually do not feel any symptoms from my liver yet, so that is a bit surreal given the situation at hand. Also surprising to me is how calm and at peaceful I feel amidst all of this "crunchtime" news (for this I am very grateful to my dear friend Prem Rawat for his invaluable teaching about inner peace).  

At this stage, I am open to taking the targeted chemo treatment and plan to try minimising the chemo side affects by working with my acupuncturist and a Chinese dr at the local Chinese Medical Center using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbals. First, I have some questions for the oncologist, such as, longevity with or without treatment and what side effects can one expect.

Alongside chemo, I am considering using DCA in consultation with a specialist at the Medicor Cancer Clinic which might just give me more than arresting or slowing down the growth of the tumors.

Friday 8th July

GcMAF or GoLeic have appeared as promising options to consider, I sent out for information about clinical treatent (available in Netherlands and Germany) that info will probably come back on monday, which looks like it is going to be decision day. No time to waste!

The roller coaster ride rolls onward!!