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We had an appointment with the oncologist today, who took plenty of time to answer all our questions about Sorafenib, which turns out not to be a chemotherapy drug but a kinase inhibitor drug that aims to stop the growth or slow down the growth of the tumors in my liver.

Apparantly there are no known side effects on the immune system itself. Just some other side effects which I might get. Due to the planned surgery for my inguinal hernia on 19th July, we postponed the use of Soranfib until the surgery is completed and I am somewhat recovered from the surgery before starting with Soranfib. Probable start in two weeks.

The doc informed that 50% pass away within a year of taking Soranfib, 50% live longer than a year. Generally speaking, if I do nothing and wait, then I can expect to see my liver functions deteriorate in about 6 months, and then things are going downhill fast!

Overall the oncologist put my fears to rest today and convinced me that Soranfib is a viable option.

Tomorrow I go to see a specialist who is treating people with GcMAF, I am also exploring this option.