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I now have had 3 x Vitamin C & Ozone IV sessions at the  PMC clinic in Rotterdam, I will do another one tomorrow. Yesterday I had the hernia operation in the Hospital which went well. Rather than full anaesthesia, I opted for local anaesthesia by injection in the spine that numbed the body from the waist down. As the op went without complications I was able to come home the same day. Interesting experience having surgery while awake!

I think this is good news as once the wound has healed I will be able to resume my exercise program (no heavy lifting for 6 weeks). 

Next week I will get the results of my extensive cancer test from the RGCC lab in Greece that will show my sensitivity / receptivity for all known anti cancer treatments, including Sorafabin (and chemo drugs) and non toxic treatments. Then in consultation with the drs we will make a treatment plan and get started asap.

Despite all the latest set backs, bad prognosis from the hospital and pressure that this brings, Jenny and I are holding on for a better solution, hopefully all the options will be clear by the end of next week. In the meantime we try to enjoy each beautiful summer day that we are being given!!