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martin sattler

Yesterday I received the results of my tests from the R.G.C.C which revealed which drugs or non toxic products would be effective on the tumors in my liver. This allows me, along with the Dr at the clinic, to design the most effective treatment and to discard any items that show no effectivity at all.

Not surprisingly, I spoke with the hospital oncologist who is absolutely not open to combining the Sorafanib treatment with Vitamin C and Ozone IVs, despite the fact that Vitamin C IVs and chemotherapy drugs when combined, have been proven to produce better results for patients, (not in the Netherlands of course). Next to that I was informed that I cannot get CT scan control from the hospital if I dont take their treatment. I guess it must be hard for them to justify the cost of CT scans for me as a "non earning by not using drugs sort of patient", makes me wonder... what I am paying for with my monthly, obligatory, expensive health insurance?

It is so sad that such a narrow scope of treatment is offered to me as a cancer patient in the Netherlands, sad or scandalous should I say?

Anyway that leaves me with a clear choice Sorafanib and no adjunctive treatment or no Sorafanib at all. Andsgiven that the Soranib drug proposed by the hospital can at best stop or slow down the tumor growth, I prefer to go for a treatment that at least has the potential to do more than that and possibly reduce the tumors. Armed with the info from the test I am opting for a non toxic treatment that includes:

  • 2 x per week IV infusions of 50gr Vitamin C, Ozone and Vitamin Bs,
  • 2 x per week GoLeic (GcMAF) injections
  • Daily DCA Dichloroacetate
  • 20 caps per day mix of Cytotoxic agents, Immunostimulants and PK Inhibitors 
  • Healthy non-animal diet
  • 2 x per month Acupuncture 
  • Regular Liver cleansing with Coffee Enemas and Hulda Clark cleanse
  • Regular Small intestine cleansing 
  • Probiotics food and supplements
  • 2 x per month Hydro Colon cleansing

Lets hope for the best!