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Tim Marshall

This post has been updated on 28 sept The last three weeks my energy level went up a little, and that little makes a big difference when energy levels are so low. My spirits are good and my faith in what I am doing is strong. This week I wll start a new phase of my treatment with Aqua Tilis sessions in Eindhoven, see I heard of a lady who had amazing results with her Liver tumor using this process.

Next to this a new procedure has been rolled out at the VU MC hospital in Amsterdam, so dubbed the "Nano Knife" which is inserted into a tumor where a high voltage electric charge is released. They are reporting a very high success rate with tumors disintegrating without harming blood vessels or healthy tissues. Sounds ideal for me, so I am trying, undoubtedly with hundreds of other cancer patients, to get an appointment with the Dr who is handling this treatment. This could take a while so in the meantime I go for Aqua Tilis.

Updated Tuesday 20 sept

Here is the reply from the VU MC about "nano knife" treatment.

"I can say that you are not a suitable candidate for IRE (nanoknife) because of the size and rapid growth of the lesions. In brief, because with IRE we are good in treating tumors less than 3cm, moderate for lesions 3-5cm and poor for tumors larger than 5cm. Since it is multifocal you will most likely have more lesions in the near future and focal tumor destruction may even enhance tumor growth for untreated lesions."

So that is not an option, today I go for Aqua Tilis, fingers crossed for that to work!

Updated Monday 26 sept

The first session of Aqua Tilis on Tuesday 20th was a general detox version of two 15 min parts in my own cabin and a shower in between. Tomorrow I start with the liver targeted sessions. It works with a combination of Steam, UV light, Infra red and magnetic energy. The pyramid roofed, four sided cabin is uniquely structured, lined on the inside with mirrors, behind which are magnetic coils that pulse specific magnetic frequencies into the steamed air that is filled with UV light and Infra Red.

Normally it takes a long time for me to break into a sweat in a sauna, however this got my pores pouring within just a few minutes. A bit like being in a Turkish steam room however after just two 15 min sessions I can say it was more than enough.

Afterwards I felt super clean, that was especially noticable when I left the clinic and walked into the sweet pine forest air. Yes the clinic is perfectly located (a five minute walk from the bus stop) in a the forest on the outskirts of Eindhoven.

In the following weekly sessions, the cabin's magnetic frequency will be set to help reduce tumors in my liver, there's a 50% chance it can work so lets hope for the best!!

Updated Wednesday 28 sept

Yesterday was my first targeted Aqua Tilis session, which did not feel any different to the first general seesion last week, same format, 2 x 15 min with a shower in between (and afterwards of course). However today I feel like my body is being "reset" giving me a very light dizzy sensation and the body wants to rest and recuperate.