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Courtesy Matthew Kane

Last weekend I had fever with bouts of uncontrolable, shock induced shaking (a bit like a full body Parkinson's shaking) and blood in my stools (scary). On Sunday I went to A&E and was admitted to AMC hospital for investigation.

First up was a CT Scan, the report says that the two tumors in section 7 (lower right corner of the liver) have merged and grown to 8 cm. It does not say how large the other one is only that it is now grown to occupy more of the portal vein, which is causing pressure on the veins and bile ducts in the liver and restricting the flow. There is also collection of bile fluid in the liver that is not getting into the intestine as it should and there is some inflammation in the colon. So the issue is the compression of bile ducts veins, and thrombosis in the portal vein.

While they were conferring with experts and trying to decide the best course of action they put me on anti biotics, which worked well as the bleeding stopped, no more fever and I felt quite releived, that was Monday.

Wednesday evening Jenny and I had a long talk with my oncologist and 2 other Drs. They explained that my condtion is very complicated and why there is little they can do without causing even more problems. That is due to my new anatomy since the Whipple operation and the pressure that the tumor occupying the portal vein, is now generating on veins and bile ducts in the liver. They see me in a fragile state, walking on a razor's edge where things can go from bad to worse at anytime.

I see these doctors are trying to do their best to make me as comfortable as possible, yet have no knowledge of the other treatments I have been doing. I find a positive amongst all this, apart from the fact that I returned home today (Thursday), that in June the two tumors in section 7 were 3 & 4 cm, at the end of April they were only 1cm each and have now merged to become 8cm now.

That means from June to October the speed of growth has significantly slowed when we compare to the growth between the end of April and June to the growth between June and October.

One could easily view this as the beginning of the end but so far as I have the strength to travel to get high dose Vitamin C & Ozone IV's, do Aqua Tilis and acupuncture sessions, all of which are clearly helping to slow the tumor growth, there still is hope.

Tough news to take, nonetheless and I can admit, surprisingly to me, I remain strong in spirits, holding on to faith and hope, two of my best friends.