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The recent week in hospital certainly was a yet another setback on this journey. Two weeks ago some swelling of the lower legs and feet (edema) occurred, along with some pain in my skull. These are signs of liver disfunction, although in the last week these symptoms have reduced. Due to recently found Anemia I feel very weak, as if I am running on empty, which means I am less able to travel and have to limit my daily activities.

Fortunately in the past two weeks I managed to continue both the Aqua Tilis Therapy (thanks to my dear friend Will who drove me to Eindhoven - no way could I make the train journey) and the Vitamin C & Ozone IV treatments.

I was given a timely tip where I could get the Vitamin C & Ozone IV treatment in a clinic in Amsterdam. That was a surprise and blessing as I could not make the train journey to Rotterdam. In addition the Amsterdam clinic is open 5 days per week, Dr Kingma is a very experienced Dr and in attendance every day, so now I can do Vitamin C & Ozone IV treatments within a do-able 30min tram journey.

Looking at my bloodwork taken by the hospital three weeks ago, Dr Kingma immediately picked up on the “Anemia” indication, which neither the hospital Drs nor my new GP had mentioned. He made new specific blood tests to investigate and the Anemia turns out to be quite severe. Hardly surprising that I feel so weak these days. Anyway he prescribed some iron supplement that should help soon.

The slight nausea continues to be bothersome. My appetite is ok for breakfast and lunch, it is in the evening that my appetite sinks so I just have to adapt to that and try to keep eating as well as I can. The whipple surgery and my redesigned digestion system really takes a lot of attention and up until now has been the main source of discomfort in the past year. Still, it could be a lot worse, in this way I remind myself to be grateful.

Considering my lack of energy it is also timely that this weekend David has transferred almost all of my remaining web design clients to his preferred hosting company and set up the ongoing site maintenance for everyone. He has done a great job and worked hard to help me realise my retirement target of Nov 1st (big thanks to you David). I can already feel the waves of relief from not having to work or have one eye on the business anymore. Phew!!!!

Now it is onwards to the next little installment of this long saga in pursuit of good health, with my spirits still upbeat and intact, feeling grateful and hoping for the best.