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We had an appointment with the oncologist today, who took plenty of time to answer all our questions about Sorafenib, which turns out not to be a chemotherapy drug but a kinase inhibitor drug that aims to stop the growth or slow down the growth of the tumors in my liver.

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According to the AMC cancer team, I was told today that I now have three extremely fast growing tumors, which is not normal at all. Two are in the right lobe of the liver (3cm & 4cm), the newly appearing third (7cm) in the left lobe that has occupied the whole of the left tributary of the portal vein. The fast appearance of the third tumor and the extent of the tumors makes any treatment by surgery, liver transplant or burning with RFA no longer viable options from this medical team. The only option they can offer is targeted chemo treatment with the Soranfib drug which is at best, a tumor inhibitor that can stop or slow down the growth.