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My Chi (energy) has taken an upturn in the last week! I believe that a turning point or shift has taken place in my healing process. Good news I would say after what has been two rather difficult months in July and August. So what is the cause of this shift? I would say there is not just one factor, rather a convergence of a few factors at the same point in time.

This weekend I did my second liver cleanse, which is part of my new treatment plan so that has kept me close to the wc at home today! I plan to do this every two weeks until the liver has shed all the garbage that it's been collecting all these years. I plan to do a colon cleanse in the middle of the week, so that will also be a bi weekly event for a while, as will the acupuncture sessions. Then there are the two trips to Rotterdam clinic every week to get my IV shot of vitamin C, B complex and ozone.

Next to all that there is the daily dosing of numerous anti-cancer products and exercise, which I have restarted now after my hernia op wound has healed up enough. Then there is the managing of my mental and emotional state which has taken more effort recently and proves to be a very important part of my treatment. Last but not least is taking time to go inside and feel the peace within, every day as much as possible.

Reading this it should be no surprise that I have little time (or energy) left for work anymore, so I decided to call it a day and stop my webdesign business. My friend David is in the process of taking over the business by nov 1st and that will be a relief for me when it is done and dusted.