I remain extremely grateful to:

My wife Jenny, who is a truly amazing warrior, in spite of all our challenges her spirit remains joyful, her love and support is unwavering. I am indeed a very lucky guy to be with you.

Family in China, Oz and the UK, your generosity, love and support is so precious.

Friends around the world, you know who you are, your friendship, care and support is invaluable.

Prem Rawat, for your love and persistence in teaching me how to enjoy life and be in peace.

All the staff at the Budwig Center, the closest level of service to that which I find only in Asia.

Ty Bollinger, for helping me to understand about cancer and daring to create TheTruthAboutCancer.com

Jeroen van Putten, my "medicine man" in Amsterdam for helping me on the road to good health.

Margaretha Houtenbos, health practitioner extraordinaire.

Corry Brons, the healer with a heart of gold.

Medical Staff in Shanghai, for helping me to discover my "hidden" cancer.

Prof Baki Topal, my humble surgeon in the UZ (University Hospital) Leuven, Belgium.

Mahtab Bayat, my Toyo Hari Acupunturist.

Nicolien Brzesowsky, my Shiatsu therapist.